Automatic Doors Seals

Automatic door seals , also known as automatic door bottom seals or door sweeps, are specialized sealing devices designed for use with automatic doors, such as sliding doors, revolving doors, or swinging doors. These seals serve several important functions in both commercial and residential settings, where convenience, energy efficiency, and security are paramount. Below, we delve into the features, functions, types, and significance of automatic door seals: **Features and Functions:** 1. **Sealing Function:** The primary purpose of automatic door seals is to create a tight seal at the bottom of a door when it is closed. This seal helps prevent drafts, dust, moisture, noise, and pests from entering a building while maintaining temperature control inside. 2. **Energy Efficiency:** By sealing gaps at the door's bottom, these seals contribute to improved energy efficiency. They help to retain heated or cooled air, reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling systems. 3. **S

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